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Couples & Sex Therapy


Couples' counseling and couples' sex therapy can be helpful for couples wishing to get support during life's difficult journies. It is often difficult to navigate unfamiliar or stressful situations in a relationship, and a couples therapist can assist couples working through distress with fair and collaborative guidance. Couples often experience stuck points or relational distress within their relationship. In these instances, couples can benefit from professional help to come back together or attempt to part gracefully. Therapy can benefit couples who want to learn more about one another, communicate better, build a secure functioning partnership, improve their connection, understand the relationship better, and explore changes they would like to see in their future. 

Couples' sex therapy is a beautiful start for couples looking to improve their sexual relationship or become sexually active. Therapy can help the couple address sexual issues or sexual problems, mismatched sexual desires, low sex drive, or improve sex education or sexual health together.

Starting the process of couples' counseling or marriage counseling in the early stages of a conflict, betrayal, or abuse can help mitigate additional hurt and help the couple move faster toward repairing their relationship.

Can Couples Counseling Fix Relationship Problems?

Therapy is not designed to fix problems

necessarily. Instead, therapy is about

creating a revised narrative for the

relationship with the therapist's help.

During couples' counseling, the therapist

will explore your background, attachment

style, history of trauma, communication

style, and other individual factors that may

need to be addressed to help repair the

relationship. In addition, giving

practical communication tools can set

couples up for future success. 

What are the benefits of sex therapy?

  • Addresses Sexual Concerns: We cover a vast range of topics from desire discrepancies and "sex addiction" or problematic sexual behavior and many more.

  • Enhances Intimacy: Learn new ways to improve intimacy, communication, and pleasure in your relationship.

  • Personal Growth: A safe and affirming environment to explore your sexual identity, desires, and boundaries.

Who can benefit from sex therapy?

  • Individuals and Couples: Whether you're exploring your sexuality, addressing sexual concerns, or seeking to enhance your relationship, sex therapy is for you.

  • Non-Sexual Individuals: Learn insights into your desires, libido, physical and emotional intimacy, even if you identify as asexual or non-sexual.

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