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Professional Supervision

It is often said that it takes a village, and when it comes to providing people with the best form of care, that is definitely true. Professional consultation and clinical supervision can be helpful for licensed and unlicensed therapists. There are many benefits to collaborating as professionals. Mainly, it allows for different perspectives to shine light on all the dimensions that come into play when curating effective treatment outcomes.

At Heart of Counseling, we offer clinical supervision and professional development for Licensed Professional Counselors, seeking licensure in Texas, and Registered Play Therapists. 

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Supervision services include:

  • Weekly supervision that may include:

    • Individual supervision

    • Group supervision

  • Feedback and guidance on counseling techniques, application of theories, case conceptualization, differential diagnosis, and ethics

  • Review of case notes and other documentation and/or recorded client sessions, as feasible and appropriate.

  • Case analysis and treatment planning

  • Phone or email consultation for emergency or time sensitive situations or events

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