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Play Therapy

“Toys are children’s words and play is their language.”


– Dr. Garry Landreth


Young children can experience different challenges such as divorce of their parents, death, and many more. Although children are very resilient, sometimes they need extra help to work and process through their feelings and emotions. Play therapy is the primary approach we use to work with children. Children can express their world and themselves through play. By using play, a child can communicate more naturally and openly. Through play, they can resolve many challenges, express feelings, develop problem-solving skills, learn new ways to relate to others, and modify behaviors. Using a collaborative approach, the therapist and caregiver will work closely to support the growth and development of the child. 


Although play therapy is geared towards younger children, it can also be effective with teens and adults. This can be accomplished by integrating expressive techniques into the therapy process such as sand tray, art, and games. Using expressive techniques can help the client and therapist explore a deeper understanding of the client’s experiences and their world.

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